Smart HVAC Tips To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For The Cooling Season.

The easiest way to slash your cooling bills is HVAC maintenance. Check out these summer HVAC maintenance tips from Sydney Quality Air Conditioning.

 1. Clean/Replace the air filter.

When your air filter becomes full of dirt and dust, your unit suffers from inefficient air flow, causing the system to work harder than necessary. Swapping out your air filter or cleaning your reusable units goes a long way to keep your cooling system in good shape. HVAC professionals recommend air filter replacement to be performed every two weeks especially during high-peak cooling seasons.

 2. Clean the outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit also needs proper routine care just like your indoor unit does. Clean your outdoor unit from dirt, sticks, dirt, mud, leaves, etc. Trim bushes, hedges, and tress on all sides of your unit to make way for good airflow.

 3. Seal the ductwork.

Perform a visual check on the HVAC system ductwork to ensure that all sections fit securely together. Seal connections using a metal tape or a specialized sealant. Seek help from a professional for a thorough ductwork inspection.